Comprehensive College Planning

Dr. Monica Andrews supports the family through every step of the college search and application process through one-to-one meetings with the student and continual exchanges with parents.

Monica develops and articulates a clear picture of the criteria for colleges based on the student’s strengths, interests, goals and needs informed by parents’ insights and an assessment of school transcripts and testing. We address financial parameters and other requirements for the family. Monica works individually with the student to support his or her successful completion of applications and essays, as well as preparation for campus visits and admission interviews.

Comprehensive college planning begins when you are ready, and includes

  • Meetings with parents and student
  • Identifying criteria for college “fit”
  • Reviewing all relevant test materials
  • Reviewing course selection for high school years
  • Suggestions for the SAT, subject tests, and ACT schedules
  • Developing and continually refining an appropriate college list
  • Advising on campus visits
  • Advising on Early Decision and Early Action
  • Preparing for college interviews
  • Coaching on correspondence with admission representatives and with faculty in field of interest
  • Developing and refining activities résumé
  • Brainstorming essay topics
  • Assisting with the evolution of essays
  • Assisting with short answer application questions
  • Assisting with the preparation of application materials
  • Suggesting supplementary application materials
  • Meetings and phone/email consultations with parents, as needed
  • Interacting with admissions and academic support staff, when appropriate
  • Assisting with the final school selection
  • Assisting with wait-list standing, if applicable
  • Providing continual support, encouragement, and reliable information.