Organizing & Optimizing College Admissions

Applying to college involves many steps–attending information sessions and tours, tracking test registration and application deadlines, writing and rewriting  essays and supplements, assessing affordability, procuring letters of recommendation, requesting transcripts, constructing  résumés, preparing for  interviews, and deciding on early versus regular decision.

If you had a choice, would you turn this overwhelming and intensely competitive process into an exciting time of growth and discovery?

You have that choice.

As an independent educational consultant, I work with a small number of students and their parents to help organize and optimize every step of the college admissions process. I meet with students after school, on weekends, and throughout the summer to support them in choosing colleges that fit their strengths, goals, and needs, and coach them in presenting the very best of who they are to admission readers.

I visit colleges throughout the academic year to talk with admissions officers, students, faculty, and support staff with my students’ interests and needs in mind.

I have the honor of accompanying young people through a process of self-discovery while significantly reducing stress and conflict for them and their families. To learn more about how I work with families, read about my comprehensive approach to college planning.